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Trucking Certificate of Recognition

Safety certification is a process by which employers are recognized for meeting a standard of Occupational Health & Safety. This standard has been established by SAFE Work Manitoba, and is known as SAFE Work Certified.

RPM is the certifying partner for the trucking industry and awards the Trucking Certificate of Recognition to companies who meet the SAFE Work Certified standard.

The certification process requires every workplace, regardless of size, to demonstrate the implementation of a comprehensive and effective safety and health program based on three safety essentials and their correlating measures.

The safety and health essentials required are:

  • Leadership Commitment
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Control
  • Worker Participation

Companies that have met all criteria and become SAFE Work Certified are eligible to receive a prevention rebate of 15% on their WCB premium, while smaller employers will receive up to a maximum of $3,000.

RPM's purpose is to work with you in developing/enhancing your company’s Occupational Health & Safety program. RPM is a recognized Certifying Partner (IBSP) of the WCB of Manitoba and as such our program is funded via a levy incorporated into your company's WCB premiums, therefore there are no additional charges for any training or services we offer.
Follow this link to download the RPM registration form.

For a list of companies who have their Certificate of Recognition click here.

Advisory Services

RPM provides safety advisory services at no charge to all levy-paying members within three WCB classification codes:

50102-Local and Long haul trucking

50109-Interprovincial Trucking Admininstration and,

50111-AAP Reporting-Trucking.

We assist with identifying your organization’s occupational health and safety needs and provide you with the resources, training and guidance to ensure those needs are being met.

Safety advisory is a service of ongoing support available to member companies. Any company that is working towards starting or enhancing its safety program with the goal of achieving Safe Work Certification, can access this support. Even if you are not ready for the Certification process we can assist your company in improving your safety program.

Training Services

For a current course calendar, click here.

We have a different approach to meeting occupational health and safety training needs. RPM understands that busy schedules may not allow for multi-day courses which is why we offer many 3-hour program development workshops alongside our 8-hour certification courses. RPM is proud to announce the following occupational safety & health education and training courses tailored to Manitoba’s trucking industry.

Certification Courses:

Safety & Health Leadership

Principles of Safety & Health Management

Safety & Health Committee / Representative

Maintenance Auditor

Program Development Courses:

Program Development courses reflect the varied elements of a safety and health program as outlined in the Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Act and Regulation and Canada Labour Code Part II.

Each course focuses on a separate element and includes templates and materials to make them easily adaptable to an individual workplace. See the TRAINING page for more information.