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Fast Lane Freight Achieves Big Things

- by Michael Thiessen

RPM loves working with companies of all sizes. We’re especially excited when smaller operators achieve big things. Fast Lane Freight passed their Safe Work Certified audit thank to the hard work and dedication of Darren, Kali, and the whole team. A heartfelt congratulations to all!


Burbank Express Joins the Ranks of SAFE Work Certified

- by Michael Thiessen

After a year of hard work and dedication to safety, Burbank Express of Portage la Prairie has achieved SAFE Work Certification. A big thanks and congratulations go out to Jeff, Rachel and the whole team! Great job folks!


Arnold Bros Transport Featured in Safety Champions Article.

- by Michael Thiessen

Arnold Bros Transport, who recently acheved SAFE Work Certification, has been featured in a new article from SAFE Work Manitoba. https://www.safemanitoba.com/News/Pages/Safety-Cha...

To learn more about Arnold Bros. Transport visit: https://www.arnoldbros.com/

To find out how you can take the next step towards achieving safety excellence for your business with SAFE Work Certified, visit: https://www.safemanitoba.com/safe-work-certified


Arnold Bros. Transport

- by Michael Thiessen

Arnold Bros. Transport is the latest company to acheve SAFE Work Certification. A huge congratulations goes out to the whole team! Way to go everyone!


Another SAFE Work Certified Company by RPM

- by Michael Thiessen

A big congratulations to the team at Paul's Hauling for becoming the newest SAFE Work Certified Manitoba trucking company though RPM.


A Banner Year

- by Michael Thiessen

More and more Manitoba trucking companies are becoming SAFE Work Certified through RPM. We've had a busy summer working with several large carriers and are thrilled to announce two new certifications:

Bison Transport was certified in August 2017, and;

Paul's Hauling Ltd. achieved certification this October.

2017 has been an exciting year for RPM and the future is looking even brighter.


The Most Recent RPM Certified Company is Manitoulin Transport

- by Michael Thiessen

On behalf of the RPM team - congratulations to Manitoulin Transport on achieving SAFE Work Certification through RPM Trucking Industry Safety!

The Manitoba Trucking safety community is stronger than ever today as a result of Manitoulin's hard work and dedication to safety. RPM is looking forward to our continued work with Manitoulin Transport - We once again congratulate you on this achievement!


Gardewine Achieves SAFE Work Certification through RPM!

- by Michael Thiessen

Today at the Gardewine office, 60 Eagle Drive, we were honored to present Brian Ross (Vice President), Ray Samaroo (Director of Safety & Health), Jarret Szyszkowski (OHS Manager), and Richard Finch (Safety Coordinator) with their RPM SAFE Work Certificate. Their hard work and dedication to occupational safety and health is evident in the progress Gardewine has made since their engagement with RPM.


Announcing Jade Transport First to Achieve RPM’s SAFE Work Certification

- by Michael Thiessen

RPM – Trucking Industry Safety is pleased to announce the recent certification of Jade Transport Ltd. under the SAFE Work Certified standard for occupational safety and health. This certification recognizes Jade’s dedication and commitment to their safety program. Morgan Minter, Safety Program Advisor at RPM speaks to Jade’s efforts, stating “Jade values safety as much as quality and production. It’s simply how things are done”.

"The Manitoba Trucking Association is a valued partner of SAFE Work Manitoba. We appreciate the work the MTA does, through the RPM program, to keep members of the trucking industry safe and healthy," says Jamie Hall, Chief Operating Officer of SAFE Work Manitoba. "We're proud to welcome Jade Transport to the SAFE Work Certified family."

Jade Transport is the first Manitoba trucking company to achieve RPM’s SAFE Work Certification. RPM is committed to the continuous improvement of occupational safety and health in the trucking industry and require the same continuous improvement from companies who follow Jade’s lead in achieving certification. In its second year of operation, RPM is working closely with several more Manitoba trucking companies on their own safety certification. A growing number of Manitoba trucking companies are required to maintain safety certification in order to compete for contracts.


Check out what people are saying about RPM training courses!

- by Morgan Minter

Safety & Health Legislation

"Very Informative"
"Specific examples were presented"

WHMIS 1985/2015

"Information provided very clear and useful."
"The course provides information clear and direct and teaches about creating a safe work environment for yourself and others."
"Everything I learned was enlightening and I will be changing a lot of things I do."

Self Assessment/ Gap Analysis

"A lot of information and well explained."
"Helps in understanding the structure."

Implementing a Program

"The course is very well explained."
"Gave me more in depth knowledge."
"Helped me to understand the breakdown of the program elements."
"Practical examples specific to the trucking industry."

Safety Committee Training - Federal

"Course demonstrated the strength our safety committee has in the workplace. A tool to explain and produce understanding for our committee to become a stronger help to our workplace."
"Getting a better understanding of in depth information on the course."
"85-95% of the information provided was new to me."
"Course was very informative, roles and responsibilities were better defined for all levels in an organization."

Legislation - Federal

"Gave me an understanding of the Federal Legislation."

Reporting and Investigation - Federal PD

"I found out about things that are required that I was not previously aware of."

Working with Regulators

"Course provided relevant information, examples and practical feedback to the industry."

Workplace Inspection - PD Workshop

"It was very informative and helpful."
"A valuable course. The material was excellent and well delivered."

Gap Analysis - Full Day - Safety Professionals

"The course showed the difference between Federal and Provincial Legislation."


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