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The RPM Trucking Industry Safety program was established in 2015 to provide workplace health and safety services to the trucking industry in Manitoba. The program is hosted by the Manitoba Trucking Association, and funded by a levy paid by the industry and administered by SAFE Work Manitoba.


The RPM Trucking industry Safety Program provides employers and workers in the Manitoba trucking industry with health and safety expertise, training and supports within an accessible framework that will assist them to create healthy, safe, productive workplaces and an integrated culture of safety.


In five years, the RPM Trucking Industry Safety program will provide a complete framework of services to support best practices in workplace health and safety in the Manitoba trucking industry. We will have demonstrated clear value in achieving reduced injuries and associated costs and real progress towards a culture of safety. We will be a model program and a leader in developing a nationally harmonized system that supports an earned image of trucking as a safe industry.


We will conduct our affairs in an open, honest and ethical manner.

We will demonstrate the highest level of knowledge, credibility and conduct in all facets of our business.

We will do what we say we are going to do, and measure and report results as stewards of the trucking industries investment in safety.

We will be persistent in our pursuit of integrating workplace safety and health, in everything we do.

We recognize and celebrate the diversity of our industry and those that work within it.


    • We are responsible to industry for program excellence that meets the diverse needs of the industry
    • Every worker is entitled to a safe workplace
    • Safety and health is a continuous improvement process
    • We will achieve our best results through collaboration
    • The Manitoba Trucking Safety Council and business leaders are ambassadors for safety
    • Every worker can be a safety leader